Monday, September 15, 2014

Stuck in a Black Bird's Groove: obsessive love (Video)

blackbird graphic for poem
We like to call our romantic fixations "crushes, torches, or love-sickness," and this video poem is probably more along the romantic vein rather than stalker, but I know some psychologists who would call any inability to stop thinking about someone and still longing for the person's company to be an obsession. Some even say infatuation is a form of mental illness.

The speaker of this poem is not in a state of mind to give up yet.

I wrote this poem in 2006. Between coming out of a harrowing divorce and attempting to date again, I may have been a touch crazy back then (not about the ex, though), but I still like this poem. Also, I had a muse of sorts, one I wish would go back to writing a few love poems again, but the person's gone uber spiritual, rather lofty. The work is good; I just miss the poet's old stuff.

The video for "Stuck in a Black Bird's Groove" is a remix. I made an older video for the poem and posted it to YouTube two years ago, but I was just learning how to use Windows Movie Maker back then, so, the video had some issues. I never rally liked it. Last week I decided I really, really didn't like it, so I made that video with its 200 views private, and produced this one.

For those reading who like to document process, first I edited the poem a little, nothing major, and then I went in search of royalty-free music, pictures, and video clips. I became a member of for still shots and for video.

Doing poetry videos every once in a while fulfills me in some way. I do it even though the videos don't draw a lot of hits (with the exception of "Misery," which did better than average for original poetry). And this one comes on the heels of the "Break-Up Poem," which I did last week and hardly anyone's watched. At the end of August I also produced a video of another poet's work, "An Angel for New Orleans," for the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

I didn't post the written poem of "Stuck in a Black Bird's Groove" on YouTube. I've posted them here.

Stuck in a Black Bird's Groove
by Nordette N. Adams

I cannot speak to you.
But my eyes still seek out you.
My soul's been meek for you.
But I cannot speak to you this truth.

When the evening come and all my sorrows stretch
prostrate before silver streams of early moon weeping,
When birds come to roost in charcoal blue,
tangled strands of my mourning,
my head still tilts toward your breath.

I listen and I long.
I listen for your song.

You do not seek out me.
You've not been meek for me.
Your outlook's bleak for me.
You do not seek out me, your sooth.

When the morning come and my joy seeps out,
vanishing with coral dreams of dawn,
When birds take flight and leave me
to grieving gray days of my journey,
my soul turns toward your heartbeat.

I listen and I long.
I listen for your song.

The blues is black with me.
Black blues fall back on me.
This deck's not stacked for me.
The blues is black with me.
It's you.

When noon bring sun to seek my scarlet sins,
and sun drops in pale sky to cast its shadows,
When black birds fly past with wings spread wide,
and I stand on Earth in envy,
my dreaming conjures your heartfire.

I listen and I long.
I listen and I long.

© 2006 Nordette Adams

Friday, September 12, 2014

This father-son rap time will melt you're heart (2-year-old Khaliyl Iloyi video) - Hope for the future.

Khaliyl Iloyi - 2 year old rapping with his daddy on MUZU.TV.

FEROmedia presents Khaliyl Iloyi rapping at 2 years old with father Femi aka Smooflow of Hip Hop group Royal Priesthood.

Yes, the kid, only two years old, is so cute. I mean sooooo cute rapping with his father. But I am equally happy (smiling ear to ear) to see another example of a young Black father spending time with his child. At the end they start counting, so he's modeling other things than rapping, in case you're wondering.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mike Brown's Killing: Two new witnesses, contractors, speak

As I said in my previous post on Darren Wilson supporters, two new witnesses, contractors who were working at the apartment complex in Ferguson on August 9 when Mike Brown Jr. was killed, have come forward. They saw Wilson shoot to death the unarmed 18-year-old. Today, CNN posted cell phone video that someone filmed of the two contractors reacting to the officer shooting down the teen immediately after the shooting.

One of the men is seen in the video holding his hands up yelling "He had his hands f**king up!" as police lay crime scene tape in the background.

At the end of the video, another man who is not one of the contractors says that Brown was going down, holding his hands over his stomach and falling forward, but Officer Wilson kept shooting. His account of Mike Brown's position is corroborated by the autopsy that Michael Baden conducted, the pathologist who did so on behalf of the family. Baden said that one of the bullets entered the top of Brown's head in a way that indicated the youth was falling forward or on his knees with his head down.

Today, more upheaval in Ferguson as 35 people were arrested for attempting to block Interstate 70, and Tuesday night at the city's first council meeting since the shooting, citizens, unhappy with proposed policy changes, blasted city leaders. A Saint Louis activist said that Ferguson leaders had lost their authority to govern.

9/11 Flashback, a 2014 Repost

The essay below was published in 2004. My 9/11 post for 2014 has been published at at this link.

The following article was originally posted at in 2004. I wrote about 9/11 in 2011 on the 10-year anniversary as well, a whole seven  (7) years after my first reflection, and now 10 years since I wrote my first reflective piece about 9/11, here I am again contemplating another that should be up tomorrow. I decided to repost the first piece here at Whose Shoes Are These Anyway in preparation for reflecting on tomorrow's post. 

September 11, 2004

"September 11 Photo Montage" by UpstateNYer -
Own work; derivative work of the following:
File:WTC smoking on 9-11.jpeg by Michael 
Foran on FlickrFile:DN-SD-03-11451.JPEG
by the United State NavyFile:UA Flight 175 
hits WTC south tower 9-11 edit.jpeg by
TheMachineStops on FlickrFile:WTC-Fireman
 requests 10 more colleagesa.jpg by the
US GovernmentFile:Flight93Engine.jpg by
the US GovernmentFile:Video2 flight77 
pentagon.png by the United States Department
of Defense. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0
via Wikimedia Commons.
I don't keep track of days well, and I was out late last night tending to business in Woodbury, NJ, almost two hours from my home in Scotch Plains, something that had to be done. Slept in this morning. If I hadn’t been checking out the work of fellow writers today on the Web, I wouldn't even know it was 9/11. My brother just missed death that day. He was pissed at his bosses and told them he wasn't coming in; otherwise, he'd have been under The Towers when the planes hit.

I'd come in from doing what I do on most days to see hell on the news; I’d been chauffeuring a kid and had crazy phone messages on my voice mail. “Nordette, turn on the news. They say the people have flown a plane into those World Towers in New York. I can’t reach Ben.” That was my mother, who’d confused TV news before. So I frowned at the phone.

Next message. “Nordette, call Mom. I can’t get through. Tell her I didn’t go to work today. Remember the damned Macy people pissed me off yesterday and I called in. Tell her I’m okay. I wasn’t at The Towers.” That was my brother. He’d told me the night before he wasn’t going in. He’d been working lots of overtime and had been asked to check up on a security issue that a staff person could handle. But something must be going on. My brother didn’t mix up the news.

The first CNN image I saw remains embedded in my brain, a plane crushing a glass and concrete titan, driving through it like the tower was a block of cheap sheetrock ... then a burgeoning inferno. I remember thinking accident, but a second plane! I remember thinking war. I recall the gray cloud billowing downward, people bursting through it, fleeing toward the cameras, naked fear on dusty faces, and the first tower crumbling. Sometime later the second would also.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Since Darren Wilson was shooting at Michael Brown while the teen was running away from him, then . . .

Why I have allowed Darren Wilson supporters to engage me on Twitter, I don't know. Who has the time to talk to people who keep talking about "waiting for the facts" when it's already clear that they've bought Officer Wilson's story in the absence of facts? Last week I found myself attempting to reason with one man, but no matter how many ways I explained to him that the police do not dispute that Mike Brown Jr. was unarmed and Wilson began shooting from a distance of more than 25 feet, finally shooting Brown fatally somewhere between seven and two feet away, Twitter man kept parroting, "But the autopsy shows he wasn't shot in the back."

Does saying Wilson was shooting at Brown while  Brown was running way the same as saying Wilson shot Brown the back? I don't think so. Wilson was shooting at a moving target, so he was more likely to miss.

I repeated to this man more than once that I was not saying that Mike Brown was shot in the back. I'm saying that according to multiple witnesses, Wilson began shooting after Brown at the same time the 18-year-old was running, putting more distance between himself and the cop. This means that Wilson was shooting at the unarmed teen in a residential area while Wilson was not in immediate danger.

Twitter man swore that the police had disputed that Wilson fired while Brown was running, but he had nothing to cite to back that up, and people who have been seriously paying attention to the Ferguson story know that one problem with the Ferguson Police Chief is that he has been uncommunicative with citizens and sometimes deceptive when he is. Still, the man tweeted back that Brown "was not shot in the back."

I almost tweeted to him that I suspected he suffered from a reading comprehension problem, but I decided to block him instead because he added nothing to my feed but stupidity and rudeness. Honestly, I think some of these Wilson supporters think Black people operate via some kind of hive mind, so if one Black person uses the phrase "shot in the back," that must means all Black people are saying that.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Break Up Notes: The Recovery Edition

No, I have not recently broken up with anyone. This is one of my old poems that I had removed from the Web, but I discovered a few weeks ago that someone posted it in a discussion forum about beauty in art apparently before I deleted it. Written in 2005, it's one of many poems that I wrote while trying to emotionally process my divorce as well as navigate the dating world (something I still don't do very well).

I decided since someone else appreciated the poem, perhaps it will comfort others. I've edited it based on what I've learned about poetry since then, and I also created this video, which is something I'm into lately.

If you appreciate this poem or you know of someone else who would appreciate it or who needs to hear it, please share this link. File these verses under love and recovery.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Midterms are coming: Should you vote in this election?

Summer is over. Midterms are coming. Of course you should vote.

Somebody else has probably already thought of this, but I don't care. I decided to make this graphic, "Midterms are Coming," which plays off the Game of Thrones', "Winter is Coming," just for fun. Of course, I'm not a graphic artist, so what you see is the best I can do.

On Game of Thrones, winter sounds so ominous. I confess, I am sort of dreading what's ahead, midterm results. If the Republican Party wins both houses of Congress, poor and middle-class Americans are going to have a bumpy 2015-2017. Unfortunately for those of us not in the top two percent of income earnings, politicos are predicting the GOP will take both.

But, even if you're a Democratic Party voter or a progressive Independent who believes the Republican Party will win control of the Senate and keep the House, that's not reason to stay home. That's reason to go to the polls.

And even if you think your vote won't matter, get out and vote anyway because if you don't vote, you sound dumb complaining about how government operates and governmental decisions.

So, do you know when early voting begins in your district? Do you known who's on the ballot seeking which positions? Does the state you live in now require a picture ID in order for you to vote?

I live in Louisiana, so I check both the Louisiana Secretary of State, website, the League of Women Voters, NOLA, and the Orleans Parish Registrar of Voters site to make sure nothing's changed, such as the ballot or early voting days. Also, I want to assure myself that I haven't mixed up anything. You should have similar sites for your area if you're not in New Orleans, and if you've just moved, find out when is the last day to register to vote where you are. has a map that shows what's up for grabs in the Senate. The site is nonpartisan.

Given what the world witnessed this summer in Ferguson, Missouri, I think we can all agree that we should not take our civil rights for granted, especially our right to vote.

And of course, voting is much easier than enduring the dreaded winter of Games of Thrones.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

An Angel for New Orleans (Video)

In 2005, Rahkyt aka Mark Rockeymore, produced the music and audio for this poem, "An Angel for New Orleans" by Aberjhani, after Aberjhani recorded the recitation. Nordette Adams created the video this weekend in recognition of the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Recent clips have been added at the end to acknowledge the city's progress since that tragic day, August 29, 2005.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Facebook's save feature: You can avoid the "like"

Last night, discovered the "save" feature on Facebook. It lets you save links your friends share. When I wrote the status above, quite a few of my friends said they had no idea Facebook had such a feature. However, one said the feature, which she loves, debuted a few weeks ago.
As I wrote, then "Do you know how many things I would save instead of like? I should have a $ for every one." 
Here are some screenshots to help you use that feature, too..

1.) See that little downward pointing arrow on the top right of the post? Click it. The "save" option shows up in the list of options on other people's posts.

2.) When you need to find your saves, go to your home page, look on the side bar, and click "saves."

3.) And you're done!